Eric C. Bettelheim

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Eric C. Bettelheim
Occupation Executive Chairman and General Counsel
Employer Sustainable Forestry Management, Ltd.
Location London, UK

Eric C. Bettelheim is Executive Chairman and General Counsel at Sustainable Forestry Management Ltd, in London.

A founder of SFM, Bettelheim is a commercial lawyer and a specialist in the law of financial institutions. His clients have included investment and commercial banks, hedge funds, commodities dealers, securities brokers, securities and derivatives exchanges throughout the world.

Mr Bettelheim has published many articles and papers on the subjects of financial law and regulation, as well as environmental markets and climate change. He is co-editor and contributor to a seminal work on carbon sequestration published by The Royal Society.[1] His work on commodity and derivative markets has been published by many leading journals including International Financial Law Review and Euromoney. He has chaired and presented at numerous conferences and symposiums.[2]




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