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Jeffrey Wecker
Occupation Consultant

Jeffrey Wecker is hedge fund consultant in West Port, CT.

Previously, he was president and CEO of Lime Brokerage. He joined the firm in November 2008.[1] Alistair Brown became acting CEO of Lime Brokerage in October of 2010 after Wecker resigned as chief executive officer and president.[2]


Before joining Lime Brokerage, Wecker was CEO of Townsend Analytics (TAL), the Chicago-based direct-access trading platform acquired by Lehman Brothers in December of 2005. He also was managing director at Lehman Brothers.

One of his Wecker's early priorities at Townsend was Project SPRITE, an initiative to support equities and bond trading.[3]

He joined Lehman Brothers in 1999 to create the firm's electronic commerce and connectivity platform, and eventually was promoted to global head of electronic client services. Wecker previously was managing director/co-founder of Caspian Securities from 1995-1999, and head of Asian Derivatives Trading at Goldman Sachs from 1984-1995.[4]


Wecker holds a BSE degree in Civil Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Princeton University.

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