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John Ewan
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Occupation Head of business development for benchmark business
Employer Thomson Reuters
Location London
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John Ewan is head of business development for benchmark business at Thomson Reuters. He took the post in July 2012, after a five year stint at the British Bankers' Association (BBA) where he rose to the post of director.[1][2] He resigned in April 2012 in the wake of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) scandal in 2012, although the association denied that his resignation was related to the rate fixing scandal.[3] Thompson Reuters is contracted by the BBA to collect the bank data, calculate and publish the LIBOR rate for the BBA.


Ewan joined the BBA in April 2005, and took the director post in March 2007 where he was responsible for the group's LIBOR rate-setting process and annual review of the banks who set the process. LIBOR came under intense scrutiny in June 2012, as regulators the US and UK fined Barclays Bank more than $450 million for fixing its LIBOR rates from 2005 to 2008. Other banks were also under investigation in the scandal, and the BBA's role in the rate fixing scheme. Ewan created BBA LIBOR LTD., a company within the BBA Group in May 2010, taking overall responsibility for the legal, accounting, tax and other implications for the LIBOR business.

Prior to joining BBA, he served as secretary to FTSE Indices, researching and presenting papers on those indices.


Ewan earned a degree in biology from the University of Bath, specializing in the behavior, statistics and philosophy of science.


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