Jose-Oriol Bosch

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Jose-Oriol Bosch
Occupation Chief Executive Officer
Employer Mexican Derivatives Exchange
Location Mexico City

Jose-Oriol Bosch is the CEO of the Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer). He took over that role on Jan. 1, 2015.


Bosch has 27 years of experience in the financial markets. Before coming to the Mexican Exchange, he ws the chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan brokerage house as well as head of emerging markets trading at J.P. Morgan bank in Mexico. He joined J.P. Morgan in 1992 and held several positions in both New York and Mexico. Before Morgan, he worked at Citibank Mexico and at Inverlat brokerage house.

He was a board member, as well as a member of the Trust Control, of the Mexican Stock Exchange since its IPO in 2008.