National Securities Depository Limited

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National Securities Depository Limited
Founded 1996
Headquarters Lower Parel, Mumbai
Products Depository in India
Web site

The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) was first and largest depository in India. It was established in August of 1996.[1]It commenced operations in November of 1996.


Products and Services

NSDL services more than 9.5 million investors through its DPs from over 7,800 locations across 860 cities/towns across India. NSDL holds securities valued at more than $880 billion (Rs. 40,50,000 crore) in dematerialized form.[2]


Key People


  1. Management. NSDL.
  2. NSDL to conduct series of Investor Awareness Seminars in Mumbai. NSDL.