Neil Eckert

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Neil Eckert
Occupation Chairman
Employer IncubEx

Neil D. Eckert is the chairman of IncubEx, as well as chairman of Aggregated Micro Power Holdings. He was the co-founder and chief executive of the Climate Exchange until the sale of the company to ICE in July 2010. Climate Exchange owned the Chicago Climate Exchange and the European Climate Exchange. [1]

Eckert was also previously chairman of Trading Emissions PLC, a global fund investing in emission reduction permits,[2] chairman of Econergy International PLC, a company investing in South American renewable energy projects, and chairman of Aggregated Micro Power Ltd, a small company that finances and manages small-scale renewable energy facilities in the US. He is on the board of Isle of Man Assurance Ltd.; Ebix Inc.,[3] an insurance-based software company; the Environmental Credit Corp., [4] a U.S. company dedicated to securing carbon permits from U.S. agricultural businesses; and Ri3K,[5] a U.K. technology hub for the reinsurance market. He is also chairman of Design Technology & Innovation Ltd., a patenting and intellectual property company whose principal activity is in the field of irrigating plants with salty or brackish water.[6]


Until 2005, Eckert was chief executive of Brit Insurance Holdings PLC, an international insurance and reinsurance company he founded in 1995.[7]



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