Peter S. Kiernan

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Peter S. Kiernan
Occupation Former Deputy Director Of The Office Of Legislative And Intergovernmental Affairs, SEC

Peter S. Kiernan was the deputy director of the Office Of Legislative And Intergovernmental Affairs for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). He served under 14 SEC chairmen and 17 directors of legislative affairs during his tenure at the agency and his final day of work at the SEC was on Dec. 31, 2008.[1]


Kiernan was named deputy director of the Office of Legislative Affairs at the SEC in 2002.

Kiernan served as an attorney with the SEC for 34 years. He joined the SEC as a staff attorney and served as legal assistant to a commissioner before becoming an assistant director of the then Division of Investment Management Regulation.[2]


He is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, the Harvard Business School and Yale College.


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