Shozaburo Jimi

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Shozaburo Jimi
Occupation Former Minister of State for Financial Services & Postal Reform
Employer Japanese Financial Services Agency
Location Tokyo, Japan

Shozaburo Jimi is a former minister of state for Financial Services & Postal Reform; he was appointed to the position in June of 2010, and reappointed to the position in September of 2010.[1] In June of 2012, he was replaced by Tadahiro Matsushita, a Japanese Lower House lawmaker.[2]


Shozaburo was elected as a member of Japan's House of Representatives for seven consecutive terms, from 1983 until 2005. In 2007, he came back to national politics upon being elected in the 21st election of members of the House of Councillors as a proportional representative of the People's New Party, and in 2009 assumed the post of Secretary General of the People's New Party.


  • Completed a doctoral course at the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University (obtained an MD degree in public health) in 1977.
  • Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University and entered the First Internal Medicine Department of the Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University as a chief researcher of the genetics laboratory in 1970.


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