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Futures trading

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/* Obligations when trading futures */
If you don't meet a [[margin call]] within a reasonable period of time, which could be as little as one hour, your brokerage firm may close out your positions to reduce your margin deficiency. If your position was liquidated at a loss, you would continue to be liable for that loss. You can, therefore, lose substantially more than your original margin deposit.
If you are trading in a [[commodity pool]], you have purchased a share or interest in the pool, and it is the pool itself that must make the performance bond payments and margin calls described above. Your contractual obligations as a participant in the pool, including your liability for any losses to the pool, must be described in the pool's disclosure document.<ref>{{cite web|name="Understand Commodity Futures and Option Contracts and Your Contractual Obligations|url=|name=Understand Commodity Futures and Option Contracts and Your Contractual Obligations|org=CFTC|date=Feb. 22, 2008}}</ref>