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Ahead of our MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology event in October we're asking experts in the financial services industry seven questions and providing the best answers in an interactive video format.

Question 3: Whose responsibility is risk management technology today – exchanges, firms, brokers – and what is the best solution for risk management?

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The Questions

Initial Question 2 Participants

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An Event on October 5, 2011 in Chicago

The MarketsWiki team invites you to attend an innovative in-person follow-up event for the MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology video series. The event will feature a series of presentations from industry experts and academics as they tackle solutions for topics addressed in the video series, such as: risk management, improvements in the transaction chain and opportunities stemming from technical advancements. The 90-minute event will conclude with a question and answer session with the speakers followed by a cocktail reception.

WHAT: MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology Event
WHEN: Wednesday, October 5 at 4:30 pm
WHERE: Illinois Institute of Technology - 565 W. Adams St, Chicago, IL 60661
COST: $20 per person

Register here or email jessicatitlebaum@johnlothian.com for an invoice.

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